Mobile Processing

In today’s world, almost everything goes through mobile, and so should your business. With mobile credit card processing from 3D Payments, you can accept customer payments by credit card, debit card, or even check—right from your smartphone or tablet. The ability to accept mobile payments is a powerful advantage for any type of business. We make it affordable and convenient for even small businesses to process credit card payments on smartphones or tablets, expanding your reach and your capabilities.

Simple, Secure Customer Transactions from Anywhere

With mobile processing from 3D Payments, you can: • Process all major credit cards and debit cards on your mobile device, quickly and securely • Stay connected by accepting credit card payments from the sales floor, at trade shows, or even remotely • Choose the right mobile processing solution for your business from our wide range of equipment, compatible with all major brand systems

It’s easier than ever to accept credit cards from your smart phone or iPhone with us. Once you’ve created an account with us, simply download our free mobile payment app, connect your optional card swipes to your device, and you’re ready to go. Our fully featured credit card processing lets you: • Instantly make sales, process refunds, and pre-authorize transactions • Sign and email customer receipts from your iPhone or smart phone • Manage customer accounts and generate custom reports • Integrate with major mobile processing brands and systems, including  Verifone,  Nurit and Ingenico

Convenient merchant account solutions—now mobile

Advanced security, affordable costs

Security is vital when it comes to financial transactions for your business. With 3D Payments, we provide mobile credit card processing solutions that utilize the most advanced security protocols to protect your customers and your business, including end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and PCI tokenization. Our security standards meet or exceed PCI compliance to reduce risks and liability for your business, and safeguard your data from credit card fraud and theft.

PAYware Mobile is a payment solution for smart devices that allows merchants to accept payments wherever and whenever they do business. With PAYware Mobile , merchants can swipe a card, capture a signature and email receipts – with security and reliability – so they never have to miss another sales opportunity.

PAYware Mobile (Free Device from 3D-Payments)

• Easily and conveniently accepts credit card and signature-based debit card transactions – simply insert the mobile PAYware device into an audio jack
• Works in conjunction with PAYware Connect – The hosted gateway service – and offers real-time reporting with extensive transaction detail and search capabilities
• Perfect for today’s popular smart devices – compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
• Identifies transaction location – with transaction geo-tagging –to help resolve disputes and analyze sales trends

• Fully encrypted card reader ensures credit card numbers are never passed through the device

• Secures customer data and significantly reduces liability risks for merchants

• Allows account administrators to activate, manage and even deactivate gateway access of devices that are lost or stolen
• Designed to meet PA-DSS requirements for application security
• Saves time and reduces transaction fees with swiped, card-present transactions
• Eliminates manual entry errors and reduces deposit slips and printed receipts
• Enables merchants to efficiently manage their businesses with extensive reporting via the gateway portal – includes transaction detail, post-settlement and transaction search
• The only mobile payment application that draws upon the extensive expertise and experience of PAYware – the leader in payments

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